Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The Toronto District School Board has brought up the idea of a black-focused school again. I can see both sides of the coin on this one. Which is why I thought of something completely different.

A social justice high school.

In the way some arts schools work, students could choose a 'major' or a track focusing on an issue or topic of interest to them. Race, ethnicity or culture could definitely be some of them. So could heritage, LGBTQ issues, feminism, poverty, disAbility, the environment, international development, and so on. These could vary depending on neighbourhood and community needs and interests. The idea would be a school to foster social responsibility, teach alternate histories, offer close mentoring relationships with students, and provide a hub for the community.

I have in no way developed this and nor do I claim any kind of expertise in this field, but if you want to throw ideas this way, goooo for it.